01052011327Panjal welfare & Development Association PWDA is a right based; not for profit Non-Governmental Organization which is striving for the welfare of the society in all aspects. The foundation stone of the organization was laid on march 21th, 2001. CDO Pakistan is (Registration & Control) Ordinance, Society Act 1860.Reg no 1270  joint stock Company AJK With its Head Office Lamnian has came into being with a purpose of reaching out to those disadvantaged people who are badly in need of basic necessities; related to health, education, protection and livelihoods for self sustainability.

Its operations that were present on a local level initially are gradually expanding through its program network and its outreach to the remotest areas and suburbs throughout the country with the firm intention to empower the communities by making them self reliant. Realizing the needs of the community, PWDA always endeavors to plan and implement program which are closer and aligned to the requirements that can yield results in quick successions. We believe in strengthening and empowering the communities rather than just showing our presence in a particular area. We believe in a change not through a radical dynamics of revolution, but to unfold the social issues with positive solutions of social development mechanisms.

We do not offer charity, as we do not believe in it; we offer self reliance with all the requisite tools of capacity building. The vision that we have and the mission that we follow encompasses the strategies that we adopt Pakistan is one of those countries who a. Government the dream of better society and ultimately a better world to live in can be materialized.


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  • Education

    PWDA is working to promote education at all levels through, opening of non-formal education system and Counstract 2 shelter of p/s Khorian with colibration of PVDP Unicef funded Projectede schools at remote areas of District Hattian Bala state of Azad Jammu and Kashmir.
    PWDA aims to create inclusive education system regarding disabled persons.

  • Vocational Centers

    PWDA enthusiastically running vocational centers Male/ Female to enhance the skills of communities to cater their socio-economic vulnerabilities that provide opportunity to have better jobs and economic uplift of communities which helps in reduction of poverty support of .Teveta And NJVCDP

  • Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction

    After massive earthquake PWD A worked with different UN Agencies to provide Food and Non- Food items to communities, also worked in rehabilitation and reconstruction phases for the better livings of communities disturbed during earthquake.