Project Donor/Funding Source Project Location (District/Tehsil) Major Outputs Project Duration (From – To) Total Budget (Rs.)
Land Terracing AJKCDP/IFAD Hattian Bala Land stabilized, , Income generation through Agricultural March 2010 to June2010 851,739
Animal Health Shop AJKCDP/IFAD Hattian Bala Lamnian Uc Controlled Animal diseases, Income generation facilities available to   community member, December 2009 to still 100,000
Anti-Erosion Work AJKCDP/IFAD Hatian Bala Khorian Village Landslides and soil erosion controlled. January 2010 t0 June 2010 172,000
Seasonal Plantation on 25 Acers Forest Department Hattian bala Khorian jandeala Land sliding controlled, Environment  improved Forest cutting reduced, and fodder availability for animal increased. Feburury2010,2011Plantation season 131,100
Terracing Wall, Plantation FAO/ SIDA Hattian bala Jandala Land stabilized, ,Increased income generation 2008-2009 3,000,000
Animal shelter25 FAO/DDF LAMNIAN For protection of animal 8 lac

Other Projects

Name of the Project

Activities undertaken

Source Benefits Accrued
Construction of earthquake resistant shelter houses To provide transient shelter to effecties of Earthquake


Vulnerable people effected by Earthquake 100 Families
Distribution Of Winterization Kits   To provide shelter winterization kits for the affectees of Earthquake Unicef/ICRC Vulnerable people effected by Earthquake 5000 Families
Distribution Of CGI Sheets for the construction of transient shelters To provide transient shelter to affectees of Earthquake International organization for Migration MSF/UNDP Vulnerable people effected by Earthquake 163 Families
Distribution of winterization goods/ Food Items To provide immediate relief and warm environment for affectees of earthquake


Vulnerable people effected by Earthquake 1000 Families
Distribution of Books among Orphan deserving & needy students Help students in their need and raise a step against poverty

Local Member fund collection/PVDP

Orphan students of the area 
4 person sponsored for training.

A activity for skill development for NGOs

AJKCDP/NRSP/AJKRSP/FAO Capacity building, technically to the members of NGOs


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  • Education

    PWDA is working to promote education at all levels through, opening of non-formal education system and Counstract 2 shelter of p/s Khorian with colibration of PVDP Unicef funded Projectede schools at remote areas of District Hattian Bala state of Azad Jammu and Kashmir.
    PWDA aims to create inclusive education system regarding disabled persons.

  • Vocational Centers

    PWDA enthusiastically running vocational centers Male/ Female to enhance the skills of communities to cater their socio-economic vulnerabilities that provide opportunity to have better jobs and economic uplift of communities which helps in reduction of poverty support of .Teveta And NJVCDP

  • Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction

    After massive earthquake PWD A worked with different UN Agencies to provide Food and Non- Food items to communities, also worked in rehabilitation and reconstruction phases for the better livings of communities disturbed during earthquake.